My Birthday Weekend 2017

Yesterday was my 20th birthday, and I’m still in shock that I’ve actually survived two decades. I’m also officially only one year away from the birthday of all birthdays- my 21st. I had a pretty busy week so the festivities didn’t begin until Thursday night when I went out with my roommate and friend, which was an absolute blast and made the stress of the last week completely worth it. It’s always nice to let loose every now and then, and forget about projects and papers for a night, especially with finals right around the corner and quickly approaching.

Friday, I woke up with absolutely no voice because I had been struggling with a bad cold that week already and going out didn’t help, so I decided to relax and rest for most of the day. That evening my friend and I went to our friend’s apartment to hangout which was a ton of fun and a great way to spend the official beginning of my birthday since we were there after 12am, and it was officially my birthday.

Saturday, my actual birthday, my cousin, Haley, came to visit which was the best present I could have possibly asked for. It’s really difficult spending 18 years of your life celebrating with family, and then suddenly you’re in college and don’t have that luxury anymore. She came in that morning and we got lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant in town with my friend, Patrick. We then all went to get frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog, even though nothing will ever be as good as Skinny Dip in Virginia Beach. After we were entirely too full, we got pedicures and had much needed girl time and girl talk. Nothing beats being able to see loved ones you don’t see often and I am so grateful she was able to come.

That evening, we went to go support a bunch of my friends who were a part of my university theatre department’s First Year Showcase, which is meant to showcase first year student talents, as the name would appropriately suggest. That was my second time seeing it and it never failed to entertain me. It was also really amazing to be able to introduce Haley to theatre since it has become such a large part of my life. I was never exposed to it much growing up, and would never have believed that now, at 20 years old, I would be a newly declared Theatre double major. I will be doing an entire blog post on why I decided to declare a theatre major in the days to come.┬áSpeaking of theatre, I spent the evening after the show going to a fellow theatre major’s early birthday party which was a blast to hangout with some of my good friends, eat cake, and play card games.

Finally, today, the day after my birthday, I got to go on a lovely birthday date to the Melting Pot, which was absolutely delicious. Melting Pot is one of my favorite restaurants ever and I highly recommend it to everyone looking for a good place to eat. They also have vegetarian options which is a bonus.

I’m endlessly grateful to see another year and I’m also thankful to have spent it surrounded by people I love and care about. Goodbye 19, hello 20!




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