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As it’s pretty obvious to tell- I’m new to blogging. With that being said, I’m not new to the social media world by any means. I have always found social media endlessly fascinating, and have been an avid member of any and all social media platforms since Myspace in the fourth grade. The whole reason I started this blog was based on all of the people I had been following online for years, and seeing their successes. I wanted to share a few of my favorite social media influencers with you for if you need a little inspiration, or even if you just want a few more cool people to follow online.


Ah, YouTube. It holds a very special place in my heart. If you added up how many hours I’ve spent watching it, it would probably be a decent chunk of my life. While I watch a variety of different things on YouTube, I mainly love beauty, fashion, and lifestyle videos. This is where I really began to become inspired to create a blog talking about all of these topics myself.

My biggest idol on Youtube is Allana Davison. She is a YouTuber based in Vancouver, Canada and is so down to earth. I trust her reviews and thoughts a lot because watching her is almost like talking to a close friend. I could watch her videos for hours and if you like videos like I mentioned above, you will absolutely love her.

Alexandrea Garza is another fantastic influencer that I have been following for years. I also follow her and her husband, Michael’s, vlog channel, which has been so exciting lately because they’re expecting! So, not only do they vlog, but Alex has a channel of her own that is, once again, a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle channel (Can you sense a theme here?). She is so bubbly and it’s impossible to not be happy while watching her. Go check her (and her husband) out!

If you like BuzzFeed channels like LadyLike, then you’ll probably recognize this YouTuber- Safiya Nygaard. She left BuzzFeed and created a channel of her own and is absolutely killing it. She loves beauty and fashion, but while that is a clear theme on her channel- she’s not your typical “beauty guru”. Her videos are much more quirky and entertaining, and she also does videos about the history of fashion and makeup. I find her hilarious and it’s a breath of fresh air to see a fresh take on the typical beauty and fashion videos I’m used to seeing on YouTube.

I could easily name 200+ YouTubers I’m obsessed with, but I’ll leave it at this last influencer- Fleur De Force. I have been watching Fleur’s beauty channel and vlog channel for about 3 or 4 years and love her channels to bits. Even my mom, who’s not into beauty or fashion, enjoys watching her because of her humor and bubbly personality. She creates all sorts of videos and I highly suggest you check her channels out.


Just like the rest of the world of prep, I am completely on the Kiel James Patrick bandwagon. His Instagram, along with his wife’s and pets’, are absolutely flawless. You don’t even really need to like fashion to embrace the beauty he shares with his followers. I am someone who is absolutely obsessed with New England, and hope I have the opportunity to move there upon graduating college. For now, though, his posts of New England life will have to do. Also, if you like dogs, you really have no excuse to not be following his pets’ accounts.

Other well-known influencers within the KJP circle are Carly Heitlinger, Sophie Schumacher, and Abigail from the popular blog and Instagram, belleoftheball45. These are all also bloggers who I follow because their posts give me so much inspiration. If you’re an avid pintrest-lover like I am, then you would have probably seen their posts here and there. Their level of style is what I aspire to have, and I always look to them for outfit and blog post inspiration. I knew when I went into blogging, that these were the people I was looking up to. I definitely have big shoes to fill looking up to them, but we’ll work on it together.

Ashley, from The Richmond Prepster, is another blog and Instagram account I love, and she was probably the person who most inspired me to start blogging. She is a college student going to a university about an hour away from me. I’ve been following her blog since she started, which hasn’t been very long, and watching her grow gave me the push I needed to start pursuing my own dream of blogging. She is just a normal college student like me, and it made me realize that I can totally do this whole blogging thing too.

Evelyn Henson shares the CUTEST art on her instagram, and she has a website where you can purchase it. Even if you’re not interested in buying things, though, her prints and paintings are so beautiful and if you want a little color on your feed, there is no lack of it on her account.

Two of my childhood friends also began blogging recently, which further pushed me to take the leap and start myself. I think it’s easy to look up to these successful influencers who have mastered the art of blogging over the years, and get intimidated to start because you think you have to be perfect, or on their “level”. It was nice to see that other people in my life were just starting, too. If you’re interested in reading their blogs, I will link them below!

Like I said, I could name SO many more people that I look up to as influencers, but these are just a few of my absolute favorites. If it weren’t for these people, I don’t think I would be writing this blog post today. So, go give them some love on their accounts and tell them I sent you!




Where to find them:

Allana Davison: IG: allanaramaa YT: Allana Davison

Alexandrea Garza: IG: alexandreagarza YT: Alexandrea Garza AND Alex and Michael

Safiya Nygaard: IG: safiyany YT: Safiya Nygaard

Fleur De Force: IG: fleurdeforce YT: Fleur DeForce AND FleurDeVlog

Kiel James Patrick: IG: kip Shop:

Sarah Vickers: IG: sarahkjp Blog:

KJP & Sarah’s Pets (you’ll thank me later): IG: puffinandbennie AND apolloruff

Carly Heitlinger: IG: carly YT: Carly the Prepster Blog:

Sophie Schumacher: IG: sophieschumacher0 Blog:

Abigail: IG: belleoftheball45 Blog:

Ashley: IG: therichmondprepster Blog:

Evelyn Henson: IG: evelyn_henson Shop:

Morgan Barry (Friend): Blog:

Emily Wolfe (Friend): Blog:


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