Happy Birthday, Lilly Pulitzer!

In honor of famous fashion designer, Lillian Pulitzer Rousseau’s, birthday, I thought I would do a post not only showing you guys pictures of me showing you my favorite Lilly pieces, but telling you the story of how her incredibly iconic brand came to be.

When she was just 21 years old, she eloped with her husband Peter. They decided to leave the Big Apple to live in sunny Palm Beach, Florida. Her husband cared for many citrus groves, and Lilly decided that a juice stand would be a great little business to utilize the juice from the citrus trees. Unfortunately for Lilly, making juice often consists of staining your perfectly clean clothes. With this dilemma came an idea- to make colorful dresses to disguise juice stains.

Originally, she was just making the clothes for herself, because, after all, not many women are in the juice-making industry. But, before she knew it, the “classic shift” dresses were selling better than the juice. Lilly attended school with the former First Lady, Jaqueline Kennedy. When Jackie was photographed wearing one of Lilly’s dresses on vacation, the shift dress became an international staple in every woman’s closet. Once the demand grew from the photograph, which was made from kitchen curtain material, she decided she was going to go into the dress industry- and the rest is history!

If you’re interested in reading more about her story, I’ll leave some links at the bottom of this post. Here are some pictures of ┬ásome memories I’ve made with Lilly by my side, including when I went to the Lilly store in New York this summer (which was just as incredible as it sounds), my senior pictures (Thank goodness for losing 20 pounds), and graduation. I hope you enjoy. Happy birthday, Lilly Pulitzer!




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