It’s FINALLY starting to feel like fall in Fredericksburg and I have been loving every second of it, even when it’s 40 degrees while walking to my 9 am class (as if getting out of my warm bed wasn’t hard enough). If you attend college with me, you’re probably shocked to see me in anything other than leggings, Nike’s, and my Patagonia jacket. If I were to have a set outfit everyday like Steve Jobs, that would probably be it; however, contrary to popular belief, I actually like to look cute for class sometimes. Shocking, I know. Today was one of those days!

Fall fashion trends come and go, but a lot of things stay relatively the same. I wanted to put together an outfit that was simple and easy to re-create with what is currently in stores, since all of these items are recurring fall trends. When deciding what to wear, I usually pick one or two items to plan my outfit around. Today was pretty damp out because we got some rain here this weekend, so I knew I wanted to break out my Hunter boots. I was going through my closet the other day swapping out some of my Summer pieces for Fall ones when I re-discovered one of my favorite Fall pieces, which is my green army-style jacket. I actually got this one a few seasons ago at H&M on sale for $12, what a steal! Obviously, this one isn’t still available, but I’ll have some affordable alternatives linked below for your convenience.

Now that I had the base of my outfit planned, it was time to style the rest of it. Like I said, I wanted to keep this look super simple, especially because I had rehearsal this particular day and wanted to be comfy for that and walking around campus to classes. Nice jeans are always a staple for me, and these particular ones were from the Nordstrom BP line last fall. My other favorite jeans, though, are Old Navy Rockstar jeans. Aside from these Nordstrom jeans, the Old Navy jeans are exclusively the ones I wear.

I knew I wanted a black shirt to tie in with my hunters, I immediately grabbed my J Crew Painter top. I’m not entirely sure if these shirts still go by this name- in fact I think they’ve become a J Crew Mercantile or Factory store exclusive item under the name Artist top, but either way, these are my FAVORITE long sleeves of all time. They come back every season in different colors, and I have more of them than I would like to admit… It’s a slight problem. The boatneck makes this a little different than a regular crew neck or v-neck, and the fit is extremely flattering. I recommend these shirts to absolutely everyone, and if you weren’t already sold, you can almost always find them on sale. So, don’t let the idea of dishing out a lot of money for a plain shirt from J Crew scare you, they actually offer tons of deals and as I said, they are sold at discounted factory stores, including the J Crew Factory website, so you don’t even need a store nearby to purchase one (or two, or three… I’m serious, they’re THAT good).

Now that I had my outfit complete for the most part, I decided to accessorize with my favorite go-to jewelry to keep it simple and quick. I grabbed my rose gold Michael Kors watch that I love, but sadly is no longer available, and paired that with my rose gold Kate Spade bangle that I got for relatively cheap at one of their outlet stores. I didn’t want my fingers going bare so I threw on two simple rose gold rings that I got at Forever 21 this summer. If you couldn’t tell already, rose gold is kind of my jam. Lastly, I cuffed my jacket sleeves, threw on my favorite Kate Spade studs, and was ready for class!

I’m a busy student- the last thing I want while I’m already tired and running late is to try to put together elaborate outfits. This is my idea of a perfect practical Fall outfit that still looks polished and put-together, while remaining comfortable and functional. I hope everyone is having a great week so far and is enjoying the long-awaited Fall weather as much as I am. Stay tuned for more posts soon!



Similar Military-Style Jacket: https://www.forever21.com/us/shop/Catalog/Product/f21/outerwear_coats-and-jackets/2000256345

Similar Watch: https://www.michaelkors.com/mini-slim-runway-rose-gold-tone-watch/_/R-US_MK3513

Photo Credit: Alex Sakes

Alex’s Photography Instagram: alexsakesphotography

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    1. I had someone at my school take photos for me! If you want to ask him questions, message him on Instagram! @alexsakesphotography

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